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December 20, 2019

Revamped logistics software deployment methodology propels record-breaking go-lives for Tecsys

Uptick in go-lives attributable to deep domain expertise and an industry best practices deployment methodology designed for shorter time-to-value


Tecsys has been developing and implementing supply chain software since 1983. Once the brainchild of two brothers in a suburb of Montreal, Canada, the software firm has expanded into a global provider of logistics software and services, ranging from distribution management to healthcare supply tracking to omnichannel order management.

It was announced earlier this week that the software firm went live on a record-breaking number of accounts in the second quarter of the company's fiscal year. Excluding base account enhancement projects, the Tecsys service organization and its global network of partners successfully led 10 go-lives for new customers.

Over the last several months, the company has been refining its proprietary project implementation methodology to shorten the time-to-value and lower overall costs associated with implementation. The early results of this effort are reflected in this quarter's deployments.

"Of course, no two customer implementations are identical," explained Vito Calabretta, senior vice president, Global Operations at Tecsys. "But we have thrown a lot of expertise behind identifying where they intersect, what efficiencies can be made, and the optimal balance of responsibility on both sides of the equation. We're pursuing customer satisfaction, and we believe we're differentiating ourselves in the market on that metric."

Through Tecsys' software solutions, the company solves complex operational challenges with software and services that simplify the end-to-end movement of products throughout the supply chain from initial receipt to final consumption. From retail, warehouse, transportation and point-of-use management to business intelligence and analytics, forecasting and demand planning, Tecsys solutions generate process efficiency, inventory control and regulatory compliance.

"What makes this achievement exceptional is that we are only building momentum right now," Calabretta continued. "Our sustained growth as a provider of next-gen supply chain technology means we continue to scale up our global operations to support that growth. We're adding project management and service delivery talent around the world and demonstrating the strength of this implementation methodology."

As supply chains get more complex, the technology that underpins them becomes that much more important. That is where Tecsys excels. The company has built its reputation on equipping organizations to contend with that complexity through technology. By streamlining implementations, that value is reached faster.

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