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September 11, 2019

Namejs Kins Nominated as ASTT Person of the Year for Trenchless Technology

Branch Manager of Procurement at Unitywater recognized for leading mission to reduce cost of water for Australians

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Namejs Kins, Branch Manager Procurement at Unitywater, has been nominated as one of four finalists for the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) Person of the Year award. The award recognizes individuals who have made positive contributions to the trenchless industry by promoting the benefits of trenchless technology around the world.

Kins has been a key player in Unitywater's initiative to streamline its procurement processes and digitally transform the entire company. With improved procurement practices, including the implementation of e-sourcing platform Scout RFP, Unitywater has shaved days off of procurement projects. In turn, Unitywater has put those savings back into the company and to the overall mission of lowering the cost of water for all Australians.

"At Unitywater, we have a big, hairy, audacious goal to be the lowest cost Southeast Queensland water and sewage provider," said Kins. "We've had instances where we've held big backlogs of work both with our internal customers and deployed assets, which would have impacts that trickled down to our suppliers and their employees. Prior to implementing new technology like Scout, it would take about six months to clear the backlog. Now, it takes four weeks. I'm honored to be considered a top finalist of the ASTT award, but could not have done so without my team and the Scout platform that empowers Unitywater to do our best work."

The Australasian Society of Trenchless Technology is a dedicated society of individuals and organizations with professional, utilitarian, and environmental interests in Trenchless Technology. The ASTT awards recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations in the trenchless industry who will be announced at the No-Dig Down Under 2019 Gala Dinner and Awards evening on September 12.

Unitywater was Scout's first Australian customer. To date, Scout has greatly expanded its presence in the Australia and New Zealand region. Some additional Australasia customers include Aristocrat, Foxtel, MediaWorks, Megaport, ResMed, VSPAustralia, WaterNSW, and Xero. For more information on Unitywater's use of Scout RFP, please visit

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