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April 12, 2019

AscendTMS Integrates The Smart Capacity Solution From Trucker Tools For Brokers, 3PL's, and shippers

AscendTMS users see live empty trucks near their current loads - and also live empty trucks days in advance of being available.


InMotion Global, Inc. announced today that AscendTMS, the world's most popular and number one rated transportation management software (TMS), has integrated the powerful Smart Capacity solution from Trucker Tools to allow brokers, 3PL's and shippers to see live and available truck capacity in real time several days before the trucks are empty.

Trucker Tools is also providing any of their broker, 3PL or shipper customers with AscendTMS at no cost so they can manage their entire business operations while being seamlessly connected to Trucker Tools and their Smart Capacity solution.

The powerful combination of Trucker Tools and AscendTMS provides carriers, brokers, 3PLs, and shippers with the most seamless way to both manage their entire logistics operations and to keep trucks full and loads moving.

Tim Higham, president and CEO of InMotion Global, said; "I've been in this industry for a long time, and it's rare that a truly fantastic solution like Smart Capacity comes along. Most new technology providers just don't understand how this industry works - but Trucker Tools does. Their Smart Capacity solution is a rare gem that really works - and now it's seamlessly integrated to the world's most widely used TMS solution, AscendTMS."

Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive of Trucker Tools, noted that by partnering with AscendTMS and embedding Trucker Tools Smart Capacity functionality in its platform, AscendTMS users gain powerful, easy-to-use predictive freight-matching, load tracking and carrier relationship management tools without any additional integration or the need to download another software package.

"Users stay in the same functional screen on AscendTMS without having to toggle to another application," he noted. "We are bringing Smart Capacity's tools to them, in a platform on which they already work, not asking them to download yet another app."

Gollapalli added that brokers on Ascend TMS also gain access to a critical mass of capacity through Trucker Tools' growing community of 600,000 owner-operators and "micro-carriers" (fleets with 10 trucks or less) who since 2013 have downloaded and utilize the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App on their smart-phone or tablet.

Over 125,000 small carriers are active users of the mobile app and the Smart Capacity portal, Gollapalli noted. "The ability to quickly and accurately access the capacity of these small-fleet independent truckers, combined with the robust features of Trucker Tools for capacity planning, load-matching and automated tracking, significantly increases the value, functional utility and performance of this leading TMS platform - at no extra cost to users," he said.

Concluded Gollapalli, "We're excited to launch this strategic integration with AscendTMS and look forward to supporting more and more small carriers and brokers with a superior, cost-effective technology solution that enables them to build sustainable capacity networks, streamline their operations and drive revenue growth."

AscendTMS is the world's number one rated TMS software platform. It's also the only true-cloud based TMS system, requiring no IT staff, no downloads, no setup, no configuration, no installation, no hardware, and no contracts. It offers complete dispatch control, fully customizable load management screens, free load tracking built into the TMS, free document management, sending of driver instructions via text from the TMS (and the ability to receive texted replies into the TMS), complete fleet, asset, and driver management, full brokerage management, easy accounting, seamless cash funding on completed loads, full reporting, user role management, branch and agent management, a free truckload rate index, real truck-miles and routes, automated driver pay and settlement, free route and load optimization, free customization, one-dollar EDI connectivity, a driver payment portal, and much more.

About InMotion Global:
InMotion Global, Inc. provides the free, award-winning, patent?pending Transportation Management System, AscendTMS®, to freight shippers, freight brokers, and trucking companies. AscendTMS® is used by thousands of companies in 19 countries, from small single-person logistics operations to multi-billion-dollar international corporations and can manage any logistics operation. AscendTMS® is 100% free to use for the Basic system, requires no upfront fees, no annual license cost, requires no downloads or installations, is mobile certified, and provides full enterprise level TMS features to manage and operate any logistics operation. AscendTMS® is ranked as the number one TMS software by Crowd Reviews, Capterra, and Software Advice (a Gartner company). InMotion Global, Inc. is headquartered in Brandon, Florida. Learn more at or at

About Trucker Tools: Trucker Tools, based in Reston, Va., is the leading provider of trip planning, shipment visibility and freight matching solutions for the transportation industry. Its ground-breaking Smart Capacity platform uses accurate, real-time data and powerful algorithms to optimally match freight by predicting when and where capacity will become available, days in advance. The company's popular driver smartphone app has been downloaded by over 600,000 owner operators and small-carrier drivers to access information and services conveniently while on the road. Load Track is a robust feature in the app that connects drivers with carriers and freight brokers to eliminate manual check calls. Visit Trucker Tools at or contact us directly at:

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