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March 6, 2019

The Logistics Management IT Solution WIMO raised $500M funding

WIMO, a delivery platform that enables companies to automate their logistics operations, has landed $500,000 in SEED funding lead by Dubai Angel Investors.


After being officially launched in 2017, WIMO dedicates itself to serve businesses that manage their own fleet by providing them with IT solutions that are customized to efficiently deal with the logistics phase.

Where Is My Order?

The company's main aim is to facilitate one of the critical steps of the supply chain in all industries. By relying on IT based solutions, WIMO offers a platform for the list mile delivery where all the periodically operations can be controlled competently.

This company concentrates on making the procedure of using the platform smooth as its major objective is to ease the logistics and eliminate complications that accompany it.

The platform takes into consideration three main parties: the managers or the task dispatchers, the drivers and the final parties.

The dispatchers are the main users of the software. They can view all the detailed tasks that need to be accomplished in order to dispatch them in accordance with the availability of the agents and the location of the final party.

The driver receives all tasks assigned in his mobile app and can shift to start each one after getting the set of information related to it. Once he accepts a task assigned to him, the final party receive a text message with a link to track the driver. The driver application suggests optimized routes taking into consideration external factors. Meanwhile, the manager is also able to track all the agents to the customers' locations.

After the end of each task, a report that includes the duration, any attempt of contact made between the driver and the client, a proof of successful reception of the product and else is generated. With offering an unlimited space for data storage without the need of a hardware, firms are able to keep all the history of previous tasks along with the detailed-customized reports.

WIMO works to cut off costs that occur because of unsuccessful decisions during the last mile ground of delivery and eliminates dependence on excel/ paper sheets. The platform has all the set of IT tools to integrate with other software that its clients are already using.

Currently, companies from different industries trust WIMO including Food & Beverages, E-commerce, Retail, Courier etc.

With the trust of investors as well, recently, WIMO closed $500,000 in seed funding from Dubai and other regional Angel Investors. The funding will contribute in boosting the logistics management platform in providing sufficient support to their current and potential clients reach their cost reduction and revenue generation targets.

In order to fully satisfy different sectors, WIMO launched a new product under the name "WIMO Ship". This product helps in bringing all carrier types into one platform for easier management and shipment of the products. It also allows generating shipping documentation including labels, BOLs and international ones.

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