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February 8, 2019

PRISM Adds 3rd Facility in Stockton, CA,

Brings 3PL's Capacity to 1.4 Million Sq Ft in Northern California

new stockton facility on perlman 2019.jpg

In the final quarter of 2018, PRISM Logistics opened a third warehouse logistics facility in Stockton, CA, bringing the Northern California 3PL's total square footage to 1.4 million square feet in seven facilities spanning Oakland/Hayward, to Livermore, Sacramento, Modesto and Stockton, CA.
"PRISM has always Invested to grow capacity and systems needed to serve our customers," said Jeremy Van Puffelen, Vice President of Business Development for PRISM Logistics. "The lower cost of real estate in the Central Valley is particularly attractive for our growing Consumer Product Goods (CPG) customers. We see this region as critically important to continuing to cost efficiently provide the quality they demand at cost levels they need." PRISM recently celebrated its 25th year in business with credit to founder and president Jere Van Puffelen's philosophy of saying 'yes,' and doing what it takes to deliver on promises.
This acquisition brings the leading Northern California third party logistics provider's total capacity to 1.4 million square feet of food grade, safety certified warehouse capacity for some of the most respected Food and Beverage and Consumer Product Goods companies in the world.

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