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Real Talk: Refueling Real Talk: Refueling
Electric batteries take hours to recharge a single battery. To refuel with propane, you just remove the empty cylinder, securely attach the full one, and get back to work. Your crew will never be caught without the power needed to get the job done.

Real Talk: Indoor & Outdoor Operation Real Talk: Indoor & Outdoor Operation
Unlike diesel forklifts, propane forklifts operate clean enough to operate indoors. In fact, 68 percent of forklift fleets work both indoors and out. This indoor-outdoor versatility can you you a significant productivity boost.

Real Talk: Acquisition Costs Real Talk: Acquisition Costs
Tier-4 requirements are adding thousands to the price of diesel forklifts. You may need to install a diesel refilling station at your facility. Electric forklifts are also costly, given the costs of keeping them charged and purchasing new batteries.

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