May 26, 2010

Captured on video: bad warehouse practices

<i>DC Velocity</i> blogger interviews WERC attendees about worst practices.

By DC Velocity Staff

Bad warehouse practices abound, and we are out to expose them.

In her blog for DC Velocity, Kate Vitasek, founder of the Supply Chain Visions consultancy, reports on the bad warehouse practices that she has learned about from our readers and from her own experience. Now, we're taking the process a step further. During the WERC conference in Anaheim Calif., last week, Vitasek interviewed attendees about the bad warehouse practices they have seen, and we captured them on tape.

Watch for "You Might Have a Bad Warehouse…" video interviews to become part of Vitasek's blog in the near future. We will roll them out one at a time.

The idea behind the blog is not, of course, simply to point out bad practices but to suggest ways to overcome them. Vitasek's and DC Velocity's goal is to help drive practices that improve warehouse performance. For advice that could help improve your facility, visit Vitasek's blog, which she updates regularly.