Conference Reports

Captured on video: bad warehouse practices
<i>DC Velocity</i> blogger interviews WERC attendees about worst practices.

WERC keynote presentation: Help your company tell its story
Companies now compete not just on speed, quality, and price but also on having an appealing narrative, says thought leader.

Starbucks' supply chain finds success through simplicity
To combat rising costs, falling profits, coffee retailer focuses on execution, operations.

How to make a better team
WERC presentation details how teams differ from other groups in the workplace.

How to do more with less
Fortna executive addresses how companies can cut costs by optimizing existing resources.

The best ideas from five WERC experts
Conference session highlights ways to improve equipment, people, systems, and sustainability efforts.

Tips for improving item traceability
Alcon, Kraft execs detail processes and technology they used to keep tabs on their products.

Optimal packaging = supply chain savings
Shippers lose money when packaging is designed by the marketing department and not supply chain pros, says expert.

Technology improves cross-generational understanding in the DC
Companies need to use social media to reach the next generation of decision makers, say two logistics execs.

When does it make sense to bypass your DC?
For some products, it makes more sense to ship direct to the customer from a consolidation point than to store them in a warehouse.

How do the nation's DCs measure up?
Study shows warehousing performance improved in 2009.