April 10, 2019

Orbis showcases innovative packaging solutions for grocery industry

By DC Velocity Staff

The reusable packaging company Orbis highlighted several of its recent innovations for the grocery supply chain at ProMat this week. These include a plastic dolly and tray system that makes the transport of milk easier, a new pallet, and a variety of products used for grocery e-commerce order picking.

The XpressBulk Milk Delivery System transports and displays gallon bottles of milk or water. The system consists of a dolly, removable handle, and four plastic contoured trays. The dolly allows for easy transport off the truck and right into the cooler, for rapid unloading. Once the system is placed in the cooler, the dolly's wheels can be locked and the handle removed, allowing consumers to shop directly from the XpressBulk system. The dolly and trays are custom designed to fit the bottle being transported. This system is the first in a planned line of products that will focus on retail-ready transportable displays. Similar systems are envisioned for bread and for other bottled products.

The XpressPal Grocery pallet is designed to ship finished goods from distribution centers to stores. This stackable pallet features rounded legs that are 18 inches apart, which makes it easier to unstack the pallets. It also has a textured deck that reduces the possibility of goods shifting off the pallet.

Orbis is also marketing several of its existing products to help improve in-store picking of e-commerce orders. The company offers a low-profile metal picking cart that can carry three rows of bins for collecting items for e-commerce orders. In addition, several companies are now using Orbis's Pally (a combination pallet/dolly) to deliver "buy online/pick up in store" orders from the store to consumers' cars. Finally, the company offers a line of all-plastic totes for e-commerce picking that can integrate into tote carts.

Go to www.orbiscorporation.com to find out more.

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