April 9, 2019

Bastian Solutions debuts 3D-printed shuttle system

Vehicle features robotic picking arm, to launch in fall 2019.

By DC Velocity Staff

Bastian Solutions, a unit of Toyota Advanced Logistics, debuted its Shuttle System, an efficient and flexible robotic material handler made with parts built through additive manufacturing (also known as three-dimensional printing).

Forty-five percent of the shuttle system is made by partner company Fast Radius using additive parts composed of polymers—including the fingers, joints, and elbow in a robotic picking arm mounted on the vehicle—giving them more dexterity and efficiency thanks to the lightweight material.

"We envisioned that additively manufacturing specific parts would make the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System the most efficient and agile robotic picker available on the market," Ron Daggett, vice president of technology and R&D, Bastian Solutions, said in a release. "The additive manufacturing process will enable us to customize each robot picker to fit a customer's particular warehouse environment." The system is set to launch formally later this fall.

For more information, visit www.bastiansolutions.com.

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