April 9, 2019

Back in Black: AutoStore launches new version of its Red Line AS/RS

By DC Velocity Staff

AutoStore introduced its new Black Line cube-based automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) Tuesday at ProMat. The Black Line is an updated version of AutoStore's 23-year-old Red Line cube-based AS/RS, but for high-throughput operations. A cube-based AS/RS consists of a high-density storage system that is basically a cube-shaped metal grid and holds bins. Robot modules travel on top of that grid and pick bins from it.

The Black Line can pick up to 650 bins per hour in comparison with the Red Line, which has a throughput of up to 350 bins per hour. The Black Line robots are slimmer and pick up the bins within the central cavity of the robot, instead of carrying them on top. This allows more room for the robots to pass one another. The robots are also lighter and faster than those used on the Red Line, and are powered by BattPack lithium-ion batteries, which reduce the time needed for recharging.

AutoStore is also offering the new RelayPort workstation, where the operator picks from the bins delivered by the robots. The new system uses tabs for buffering, allowing the robots to queue up a line of bins, which allows for higher picking speeds. Companies will typically have five to 15 of these ports for picking.

For more information, visit www.autostoresystem.com.

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