April 8, 2019

UniCarriers partners with AGV manufacturer

By DC Velocity Staff

Material handling equipment manufacturer UniCarriers Americas (UCA) has partnered with the Finland-based automated guided vehicle (AGV) maker Rocla Oy to bring Rocla’s advanced AGV solutions to the Americas. The partnership is part of UCA’s newest initiative, UniCarriers System Solutions, which offers members of the UCA dealer network access to expanded material handling services and solutions to meet their customers' evolving needs.

The complete line of Rocla AGV products is sold and serviced by UCA. Rocla offers AGV solutions that cover low-lift and high-lift applications, including narrow aisle, counterbalance, straddle, fork over, and reach mast. These AGVs are ideal for the manufacturing, paper and printing, packaging, inbound and outbound logistics, and food and beverage industries.

James Radous, president and chief executive officer of UniCarriers, explained at a briefing the importance of starting with the end customer and working backwards to build quality products around their needs. The AGV team at UCA identifies and recommends a solution to meet the requirements for a specific environment. The recommendation includes the AGV model, number of vehicles, energy solution, and software needed to support customers' operations.

Both UCA and Rocla are part of parent corporation Mitsubishi Logisnext, a manufacturer of material handling and logistics equipment.

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