April 5, 2017

Opex introduces small item sorter

By DC Velocity Staff

Opex Corp. rolled out its new "Sure Sort" sorting system at ProMat 2017. Sure Sort is a robotic item sorter that easily handles complex variables and delivers a wide variety of parcels and single items to their final location in a single pass. This highly scalable, configurable, and cost-effective small item sorting system uses a smaller version of the iBot robots found in the company's Perfect Pick system. The iBots can travel vertically as well as horizontally along a put wall configuration. When they reach a destination cubby, a belt on the iBot gently rolls the product into a tray used to gather the order. Once the order is complete, the trays easily slide out of the put wall for quick packing.

In addition, Opex is displaying a beefier version of its Perfect Pick system known as Perfect Pick HD (for high density). This version stores products double deep for greater storage capacity in a smaller footprint. Totes are delivered to order filling stations at the end of the aisles, where workers are guided by both pick-to-light and put-to-light technologies to assure accuracy in order filling.

For more information, see the Opex website.

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