April 5, 2017

Mallard unveils product for mobile, expandable pallet staging

By DC Velocity Staff

Mallard Manufacturing Corp. on Wednesday introduced Extend-a-Rail, which it dubbed as "instant pallet flow on wheels," at the ProMat 2017 trade show in Chicago.

The Sterling, Ill.-based maker of pallet flow, carton flow, and gravity conveyor systems, said the new product is a mobile, expandable pallet flow lane that provides temporary pallet staging where and when it's needed. The product "answers the challenge for more efficient dock staging, assembly, and wave picking applications," the company said.

Extend-a-Rail rolls into place as a compact telescoped unit that expands into a dense push-assisted lane up to 10 pallets deep. Once the device is locked in place and fully extended, pallets are loaded at one end and then walked or pushed along wheeled tracks to the opposite end for forklift extraction. After the pallets are removed, the lane folds back into place either to be stored or to be moved to the next activity area, the company said.

For more information, see the Mallard website.

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