April 5, 2017

DMLogic announces personalized WMS apps, drug supply chain tracking

By DC Velocity Staff

Warehouse management systems (WMS) developer DMLogic LLC launched two new products based on its STEPLogic software development platform at the ProMat 2017 trade show. STEPLogic Trace is a serialization solution designed for the prescription drug and medical-device sector that supports cradle-to-grave tracking within the distribution center. In compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Safety Act (DSCSA), the product allows manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to meet federal requirements mandating that they be able to track, trace, and report on the movement of all products through the supply chain, DMLogic President Thomas Lee said.

STEPLogic Warehouse is a WMS platform designed and priced to support small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by allowing users to quickly build personalized apps that sit on top of their existing WMS and manage everything from basic picking and packing to advanced value-added services.

For more information, see DMLogic's website.

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