April 5, 2017

Cubiscan unveils new dimensioning system for irregular items

By DC Velocity Staff

Justin Headley, marketing manager at Cubiscan, wants you to know that not all dimensioning systems (also known as cubing and weighing systems) are the same. The dimensioning system that you use to measure the length, height, and weight of a parcel or box might not be able to give you accurate readings of irregularly shaped items like a whisk, hiking poles, or even a piece of clothing like a T-shirt.

The new Cubiscan 325 dimensioning and weighing system is designed to take care of those types of objects. It has a measurement capacity of up to 24 inches by 24 inches by 36 inches and a measurement accuracy of 0.05 inches. The weight capacity is 50 pounds, and the weight resolution if 0.005 pounds. Depending on the object being measured, each measurement takes three to seven seconds. The Cubiscan 325 can also measure and weigh boxes or parcels but will not be as fast as other dimensioning systems sold by the company.

Cubiscan also offers a mobile cart and a portable power supply to create a mobile cubing and weighing workstation.

For more information, see the Cubiscan website.

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