April 5, 2017

AeroVironment’s Advanced Connect RX monitors battery cables for damage

By DC Velocity Staff

Among the products AeroVironment highlighted at ProMat was the Advanced Connect RX system for its PosiCharge ProCore chargers. Forklift battery charge cables can suffer wear and tear while the lift truck is in use and from being plugged and unplugged repeatedly. Waiting for scheduled maintenance can be risky; if they are not properly maintained, cables can suffer damage and even melt, which is a safety hazard. To prevent costly damage to trucks or hazards to operators, Connect RX monitors cable connectors during charging sessions, shutting down the charge session and alerting the user if abnormalities are detected. Advanced Connect RX is now a standard feature on PosiCharge ProCore chargers.

For more information, see the PosiCharge website.

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