April 4, 2017

Wildeck gives warehouses a new “lift”

By DC Velocity Staff

Material handling equipment and safety products manufacturer Wildeck Inc. has introduced a new product category for vertical material lifts. The new RiderLift Material Lift is different from a traditional vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) since it allows authorized personnel to safely travel with their material between levels. They can then avoid climbing stairs or rely on a co-worker to unload material at destination.

"Customers can now enjoy the convenience of an elevator at a fraction of the cost," said Hubert Schlegel, director of marketing, in a statement.

In addition to the RiderLift, Wildeck also showcased several new products:

  • LadderLink—a modular access system for distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing operations that can be reconfigured easily to respond to facility changes and growth.
  • SmartControl—a system for hydraulically operated VRCs that protects the machinery by sensing when faults occur. The system immediately sounds an audible alarm specific to the fault condition.
  • NetGate—a pick-module safety gate utilizing a cable/pulley system that Wildeck says is easy to install onto new or existing rack structures. When one side of the gate is lifted, the other side closes, providing full-height fall protection near an elevated ledge at all times.

For more information, see the Wildeck website.

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