April 4, 2017

SSI Schaefer unveils upgrade to WAMAS software, unleashes the Weasel

By DC Velocity Staff

Material handling equipment provider SSI Schaefer Group introduced the latest upgrade to its WAMAS warehouse management software (WMS) suite, with changes designed to optimize order fulfillment and labor management for either manual or fully automated warehouses. WAMAS version 5.6.1 helps save labor costs in fulfillment by creating a smooth run time throughout the day, avoiding the peaks and slowdowns of traditional wave-based planning.

SSI Schaefer also unveiled a mini automated guided vehicle (AGV) called the Weasel, which is designed to integrate easily into production with its small footprint. Designed as an alternative to traditional conveyor systems, the vehicle is intended for long-distance transfers and can handle almost any transport task with minimal implementation and operating costs, the company said.

For more information, see SSI Schaefer's website.

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