April 4, 2017

SI Systems’ new A-frame picks directly to multiple-sized boxes

By DC Velocity Staff

The newest model of SI Systems' Dispen-SI-matic A-Frame can now pick inventory directly into boxes or shipping containers of different sizes. Previously, companies that were using different-sized containers would have to have the product dispensed onto the conveyor belt and then be placed into the boxes afterward.

An A-frame picking system operates like a giant vending machine. Products—typically small items like pharmaceuticals or cosmetics—drop down a chute onto a conveyor belt that runs down the middle of the machine. With the Dispen-SI-matic, the product drops into containers or corrugated boxes that are traveling on the belt. This completely eliminates the need for human labor to pick products.

"It's like robotic picking without the robots, or rather without what you might recognize as robots," said Ed Romaine, vice president of sales and marketing, at a press conference at ProMat 2017.

At the entrance to the A-frame, a scanner reads the bar code on the tote or container, which notifies the picking system what products need to be placed into that particular tote. The system can vary its speed depending on how many products need to go into a container. The system can pick up to 2,200 orders an hour.

For more information, See SI Systems' website.

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