April 4, 2017

RightHand Robotics unveils gripper hand to pick small items

By DC Velocity Staff

RightHand Robotics, a robotics software developer, today introduced an offering called "RightPick," which consists of a mechanism known as a "gripper" and accompanying software, and which is designed to efficiently pick small individual items for e-commerce orders.

The gripper, which is designed to appear like a flexible hand, fits over most off-the-shelf robotics equipment, according to Leif Jentoft, co-founder of the Cambridge, Mass.-based company. The software is engineered with "machine learning" capabilities so the mechanism can place a picked product strategically within a receiving bin, Jentoft said.

On average, the gripper can execute 500 to 1,000 picks per hour. Its design makes it capable of grabbing items as wide as pillows, Jentoft said.

Jentoft said the "RightPick" will be of optimal value for companies struggling to find humans to pick large quantities of small, lightweight items.

The system is in beta testing with select customers, Jentoft said. The cost will vary depending on the specific needs of each customer, he said. The company has modeled a two-year return on investment time frame.

For more information, see the RightHand Robotics website.

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