April 4, 2017

Dematic Egemin’s compact AGV now has a straddle attachment

By DC Velocity Staff

Dematic Egemin now offers a straddle fork attachment for its E’gv Compact automated guided vehicles. The straddle changes the vehicle’s center of gravity, allowing it to move wider, heavier loads and make tighter turns. The fork attaches to the E’gv Compact’s original tugger model.

The E’gv Compact is a smaller version of Dematic Egemin’s full-sized automated guided vehicle (AGV). The E’gv Compact generally works in “shuttle style” operations, such as picking pallets off of one conveyor and moving them to another, or to a floor position.

“It slots in between our automated guided carts and our full-sized AGVs,” explained Tom Kaminski, vice president of mobile automation, at a press conference today on the ProMat 2017 show floor. “We found that there was a gap to fill in the market.”

The E’gv Compact also takes 75 percent less time to get to market and costs 50 to 60 percent less than the full-sized AGV, making AGVs now more economical for smaller customers, said Kaminski.

For more information, see Dematic Egemin’s website.

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