April 3, 2017

AmbaFlex spirals on

By DC Velocity Staff

AmbaFlex had on display today at the ProMat 2017 show the new J-Configuration, a system designed to stack individual spiral conveyors easily. Spiral conveyors allow products to move from one level to another within a small footprint. The J-Configuration eliminates the need for costly connecting loops and structures that enlarge the footprint when stacking spiral conveyors.

Spiral conveyors typically move products through multiple windings as they ascend and descend. The belt then has to transfer back down to the starting point. Often, this is done through loops or straight section, especially when stacking and combining multiple units. AmbaFlex's J-Configuration does not require a straight section for the belt return. It allows the upper end of the lower spiral to be connected to the lower end of the upper spiral in one ongoing helical flow.

For more information, see the AmbaFlex website.

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