April 3, 2017

Yale introduces virtual reality simulator for forklift operator training

By DC Velocity Staff

Yale Materials Handling Corp. debuted a virtual reality forklift training simulator for its reach truck line. The simulator is designed to help screen applicants for driving skills and improve operator training. The virtual reality technology eases the learning curve and boosts confidence by enabling operators to test their skills on a stationary truck before starting with mobile equipment. The training system is especially useful for onboarding seasonal workers. In addition, the simulator is a useful tool for reinforcing good, safe driving habits for experienced and inexperienced drivers. Yale will be expanding the simulator to other models later this year.

In an interesting twist, Yale's partner company in the virtual reality product has created a custom version for a large automaker that duplicates the customer's actual distribution center, right down to rack locations, so trainees see the exact environment they will actually be working in.

For more information, go to Yale Materials Handling's website.

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