April 3, 2017

Sick makes first foray into material handling security through alliance with software developer

By DC Velocity Staff

Sick, a German data collection company that focuses on laser scanning, said today it has partnered with an Ohio-based software developer in a program that will allow warehouse managers to visually track activity inside their facilities.

The program, which is designed to deter theft and improve efficiency, mark Sick's first foray into security for the material handling industry. Sick is partnering with a company called The HawkEye Effect, a Mason, Ohio-based developer whose technology enables Sick's laser scanning hardware to talk to the video hardware, which is being provided by a third party.

The move also marks a breakthrough in the depth of visual imagery available to warehouse operators. Until now, the technology has been used to monitor activity on the perimeter of the complex. Now, operators can see what is going on as a truck enters a warehouse bay and freight is delivered to the vehicle to be loaded.

Sick's U.S. operations are based in Minneapolis.

For more information, see the Sick and HawkEye Effect websites.

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