April 3, 2017

Sentry Protection Products makes some noise

By DC Velocity Staff

Celebrating its 20th year in business, Sentry Protection Products today unveiled upgrades to three of its collision protection products at a press conference at ProMat 2017.

At the event, the company unveiled the latest version of its Collision Sentry warning system, which now features sound. "If there is somebody on both sides of the corner, the Collision Sentry now warns you with an audible alert," President Jim Ryan said. This added protection delivers a one-two punch when warning of impending collisions at blind corner intersections and creates a safer working environment.

The company also introduced the Rack Sentry Contour, an updated version of its award-winning Rack Sentry rack protector. The new unit's contoured shape, curved and slim, was engineered with round edges and a slimmer profile to reduce its footprint and increase the amount of rack clearance available to forklift drivers, while also offering a secure fit to rack uprights.

Sentry Protection Products also displayed the prototype for its new Column Sentry Fit, a multi-size column protector that preserves all the performance features of the original Column Sentry but adds a few enhancements. In most cases, column protectors come in a variety of sizes and you choose the closest fit for your column. The Column Sentry Fit does the opposite. "We put together a four-sided product that no matter what size column you have, fits by conforming itself around each column," said Ryan. This streamlined design features four interlocking sides coming together like pieces of a puzzle to guarantee a snug fit around the column, providing equal protection for all four sides.

The Collision Sentry is available immediately. The Rack Sentry Contour will be available by June, and the company plans to make the Column Sentry Fit available by the end of the year.

For more information, see the Sentry Protection Products website.

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