April 3, 2017

HighJump expands product line with “actionable analytics”

By DC Velocity Staff

Supply chain network solution provider HighJump Software Inc. launched an "actionable analytics" feature for HighJump Pulse, the company's supply chain analytics application. The tool gives users insights into which actions they need to take to enhance their workflows and allocate resources to fix priority challenges, HighJump executive VP and chief strategy officer Ross Elliott said.

The amount of high-value data worth visualizing is growing rapidly, and the majority of that data can offer actionable insights if analyzed properly, the company says. Actionable analytics from HighJump Pulse let decision makers take action to improve their supply chains by analyzing data from myriad sources and applications, then presenting it in charts and graphs in a single dashboard. Users can drill down on interactive visuals, find the relevant data source, and take steps to improve processes.

For more information, visit HighJump's website.

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