January 23, 2013

Yale expands warehouse product offerings

New model, features, and technologies on display at ProMat 2013.

By DC Velocity Staff

In response to customer demands for flexibility, safety, and accountability, Yale Materials Handling Corp. has introduced a new lift truck along with several new features and options for its line of warehouse vehicles. The company showcased the new offerings at ProMat 2013 this week.

The new vehicle, the Yale MO25 center rider lift truck, accommodates second-level order picking through its fully adjustable electronic power steering, automatic speed reduction in cornering, and its suspended platform with an operator sensing floor mat. The electric steering reduces steer effort by 90 percent.

Yale also announced new features for its MPE080VG end rider. The MPE end rider now boasts enhanced rollers and entry bar for better pallet entry and exit and includes an electric power-steering option. Also new to the MPE is voice-directed picking technology for greater efficiency and ease of use and maneuverability.

In addition, Yale has introduced its Yale Vision wireless asset management system. A Web-based system that requires no IT infrastructure, Yale Vision provides enhanced levels of monitoring and control to reduce the cost of operating lift trucks.

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