January 23, 2013

StorFast AS/RS uses carts to get the most out of existing warehouse space

ITW Warehouse Automation showcases its storage system for first time in North America.

By DC Velocity Staff

ITW Warehouse Automation introduced its StorFast ultra-high-density automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) to the North American market at ProMat 2013. The company says that StorFast's cart-based system provides one of the highest-density storage and retrieval systems in the industry.

One of the benefits of a cart-based AS/RS is that companies can implement it into their existing distribution center, says Doug Stambaugh, general manager. Unlike AS/RS systems that use cranes to store and retrieve product, a cart-based system does not have any height requirements.

Carts navigate through alleys in the storage system, placing and retrieving pallets by moving under them. The carts operate on each level of the system and can even change levels.

StorFast has a modular, scalable design that can be expanded as capacity requirements and SKUs increase. The system can be designed to follow the contours of the building, and in some cases, has doubled the capacity of a building, says Stambaugh.

The AS/RS utilizes the same warehouse control system that the company uses for its Vertique case-picking solution.

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