January 23, 2013

Motorola showcases a host of new products at ProMat

New offerings include lift truck computer, wearable computer, wireless access point.

By DC Velocity Staff

In the past several months, Motorola has introduced a host of new products for the warehouse, including the VC70N0 vehicle-mounted computer, WT41N0 mobile computer, and the AP 6562 wireless access point.

Motorola's new VC70N0 lift truck-mounted mobile computer marks a major upgrade from the company's VC5090 line of vehicle-mounted computers. The VC70N0 enables real-time data access and collection in a wide range of environments—from the dock and warehouse to the freezer. The main upgrade to the computer is the size. It is considerably lighter and smaller than its predecessor, while still maintaining the same durability. The smaller size makes the computer easier to mount and improves the visibility of the lift truck operator. The unit is 40 percent lighter than the previous VC5090 units and has an overall size of 10.4 inches.

Motorola has also introduced the fourth generation of its line of wearable computers for the warehouse. The WT41N0 mobile computer is a rugged mobile device that can be worn on the arm, allowing workers to have both hands free to pick, pack, or put away product. The computer is multimodal, meaning that it can support both voice-directed and text- or scan-based activities. For scanning applications, the WT41N0 can be paired with Motorola's RS419 1D-cabled ring scanner or RS507 Bluetooth 2D ring imager.

Finally, the company has rolled out a new outdoor wireless access point, the AP 6562 dual radio 802.11n. This outdoor wireless access point, costing $1,250, enables such applications as scanning and communications in the warehouse yard. The access point can also be set up with Motorola's Air Defense software to detect any breaches to the company's network. Customers can choose between external antennas or internal antennas.

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