January 23, 2013

Hyster introduces ruggedized electric truck

New "Environmental Package" allows electric lift trucks to compete in same arena as IC models.

By DC Velocity Staff

Among other advancements introduced at ProMat 2013, Hyster Co. unveiled a new Environmental Package that ruggedizes electric lift trucks so that they can handle applications once restricted to internal combustion-powered (IC) trucks.

The Environmental Package comes with three options: an IP54 sealed drive axle and motors with belly pan and side shields, an outdoor protection and wash-down package, and front mud guards. The first option provides shielding devices on the sealed drive axle to prevent debris from interfering with operations. The second features sealed bearings and waterproof cover relays and connectors to make the truck able to work, rain or shine. Finally, front mud guards on the front fenders protect the attachment and load from tire-slung debris and water.

The company also used the biennial trade show to introduce the CBB23-444, a turret truck that has been redesigned to give users access to both sides of an aisle, and its EPA Tier IV Final compliant engine solution. Finally, the company unveiled a new wireless monitoring system. Known as Hyster Tracker, the system provides a tiered offering of wireless monitoring, wireless access, and wireless verifications.

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