January 23, 2013

Beumer Group debuts energy efficient Crisplant tilt-tray sorter

New motors offer steep savings.

By DC Velocity Staff

The Crisplant LS-4000E Tilt Tray sorter, introduced by Beumer Group, makes use of linear synchronus motors that use 75 percent less energy than traditional systems. The company says the gains in energy efficiency come without sacrificing speed, capacity, or reliability. The motors, which eliminate contact between moving parts, also reduce noise and wear and tear.

The new high-speed sortation system also features a modular design, using standard mechanical, control, and software interface modules, which can be configured quickly. The design also allows for an incline or decline of up to 10 degrees. This feature helps the system to access upper levels in a DC, which makes it easier for the company to install it in existing facilities. Beumer says the sorter is applicable to both carton and polybag sortation.

The sortation system's high speeds are a result of its electronic tilt mechanisms, which allow trays to tilt through curves to counter centrifugal forces.

The energy efficiency, modularity, and ability to fit into existing environments meets what Beumer Group says are customer demands. Tony Barr, chief marketing officer and vice president of corporate development for Beumer Group, says that while many customers are investing in green-field developments, many others are seeking ways to adapt existing facilities for growth. In addition, they are looking for systems that meet sustainability goals while providing financial payback.

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