January 22, 2009

Remote asset tracking enhances security

By DC Velocity Staff

ARINC is bringing some of the transportation and cargo security solutions it developed for the U.S. Department of Defense to commercial users. To demonstrate its Asset Assure tracking system, ARINC sent a van with a transmitter to Chicago's Navy Pier, several miles away. The device sent text message alerts to attendees when the vehicle left McCormick Place, deviated from its predetermined route, its doors were opened, and it arrived at the destination. Via an interface with Google Earth, both the planned and actual routes were visible in real time.

One advantage over RFID, said Product Manager Jim Potter, is that a series of "mesh tags" can relay data until it reaches ARINC's central tracking system, which means the system is not dependent on gateway readers. The system also can remotely monitor and adjust refrigerated equipment to maintain proper temperatures.