May 5, 2010

Follow me: Dematic combines guided vehicles and voice

By DC Velocity Staff

Dematic has introduced a system that integrates laser-guided pallet trucks with voice-directed systems in order to increase picking productivity for case-picking applications.

The system, called LaserTrucks+ by Dematic, a supplier of logistics systems for DCs, warehouses, and factories, upgrades pallet trucks to driverless operations using laser guidance systems. It integrates truck movement with a voice-directed case picking system. At the start of an order, the truck delivers a pallet directly to the picker, and it moves with the picker as each pick is confirmed. When an order is complete, the laser truck transports the pallet to shipping while the next truck brings a new pallet to the shipper.

The system eliminates several non-picking activities for workers such as getting a new pallet, getting on and off the pallet truck, and moving the completed pallet to shipping. This reduction in tasks increases picking productivity, the company says. The laser can be installed on any brand of pallet truck. Dematic provides the integration of the voice picking system, the laser guidance system, pallet truck, and the Dematic Warehouse Control System with a warehouse management system or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

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