May 5, 2010

Accu-Sort offers side-by-side package detection

By DC Velocity Staff

When two packages ride side by side on an automated conveyor or tilt-tray system, they may appear as a single item to many systems. Now, Accu-Sort Systems Inc. is offering a software option for its overhead AC6010 camera bar-code scanner that will improve detection of closely spaced packages.

The Side-by-Side Detection System combines information from three sources to catch those errors. The system measures the height of the packages, detects their outer edges, and reads the bar codes. If it detects multiple heights, unusual outlines, or multiple bar codes, it flags them as multiple items. The company says the system minimizes the number of misrouted and mis-shipped packages requiring manual intervention.

The software allows users to adjust its detection thresholds, which improves detection while reducing false positives. It also allows users to program the system to ignore items such as open totes. Accu-Sort estimates that by reducing rework, conveyor jams, and package damage, the system can provide a return on investment in as little as two to three months.

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