April 26, 2010

Raymond unveils new smart battery module for lift trucks

By DC Velocity Staff

The Raymond Corp. announced today plans to roll out a module to its iWarehouse fleet optimization system that the company says will help lift truck batteries perform more effectively.

The company’s “iBattery” module, which will rest on the lift truck battery itself, will automatically notify warehouse and DC managers of key battery statistics such as the number of charge and discharge cycles, high and low temperature readings, and appropriate water levels.

The module, which will be commercially available in the fourth quarter of 2010, will be able to determine if the battery is properly sized to meet lift truck specifications. It can also detect state-of-charge and voltage to help prevent a battery from over-discharging, Raymond said.

The battery data available through the module can help operators “ensure they are using the right battery for their truck and the battery is maintained properly—preventing unplanned downtime for repairs,” the company said in a statement released at the North American 2010 Material Handling & Logistics Show (NA2010) in Cleveland.

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