May 5, 2010

Community college offers warehouse workforce training in class or on-site

By DC Velocity Staff

Cleveland's Cuyahoga Community College Workforce and Economic Development Division is working closely with private industry to ensure that graduates of its warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing programs have the knowledge and capabilities that potential employers need most. Its "Warehouse and Distribution Boot Camp," for example, prepares students to enter the industry by covering the fundamentals of warehousing and distribution, inventory control, receiving, hazardous materials, and industrial truck training. Instructors provide both classroom and hands-on experience in a "lab" environment, where students learn to properly use scanners, operate machinery, and build pallets, among other skills, said Program Director Jeffrey Piela.

When students leave the Boot Camp, which is part of the school's Logistics and Distribution Institute, they have a 49 CFR certification in hazmat receiving and handling as well as a Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) operator's license, Piela said. Other courses offered by the institute focus on international trade operations, transportation management, and production and inventory management, to name a few. Courses also include training in "soft skills" like interviewing, written communication, and customer service.

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