May 5, 2010

System Logistics, Diamond Phoenix marriage gives birth to new products, markets

By DC Velocity Staff

The merger under the System Logistics name of Italy's System Logistics and Diamond Phoenix of Lewiston, Me., has resulted in a two-way exchange of new products and customer solutions, said Tom Coyne, president and CEO in the United States.

Although their technologies and products were different—System Logistics is big in case and pallet picking, robotics, and automated storage/retrieval system cranes while Diamond Phoenix focused more on each picking—the two companies shared similar cultures and a strong focus on engineering and product development, he said. Since merging, the European and U.S. organizations have been developing distribution solutions that bring both companies' products to customers around the world, Coyne said. In particular, System Logistics is targeting the unique handling requirements of the food and beverage industries; its aim is to develop products that are more economical.

The company will soon launch a new economical modular vertical lift with new tray sizes and weight capacities as well as improved ergonomic characteristics, said Paul Roy, vice president, marketing and product management. It has already made its first sale, with installation slated for July. Another new release will be a vertical line sequencer for building pallets. Previously, the company had not sold the sequencer as a separate product, and Coyne predicts it will become a big seller.

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