May 5, 2010

The Swiss Army Knife of carts

By DC Velocity Staff

Push a button, and you can convert your two-shelf push cart into a platform truck. Push down a latch and pull up on a handle, and your two-shelf cart becomes an A-frame truck.

When Newell Rubbermaid relaunched its line of industrial trucks in September of 2009, the centerpieces were its two convertible hand trucks: the convertible A-frame truck and the convertible platform truck. Built out of Duramold, an engineered resin and metal composite, the two carts solve the problem of distribution centers needing to have several carts to perform different activities: such as an A-frame truck to carry large flat goods like drywall or mattresses and a two-shelf cart for regular boxes or tools. Now if only they could include a toothpick and a tiny saw ...

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