April 11, 2018

Voxware VMS platform supports voice, vision, scanning, and AR modes

By DC Velocity Staff

Warehouse technology platform provider Voxware Inc. showed off its multimodal voice and analytic solutions for DC work flows, based on the company's Voice Management Suite (VMS) product. Originally created as a voice-based piece-picking tool, VMS now supports picking, receiving, and other tasks by combining the modes of voice, scanning, vision and augmented reality (AR), and image capture, CEO Keith Phillips said in a briefing. Developed in partnership with smartglass provider Vuzix, the additional features allows VMS to enhance efficiency in traditional warehouse work as well as auditing functions like verifying pick-and-pack results to avoid errors and achieve more throughput with fewer employees in a tight labor market, he said.

For more information, see www.voxware.com.

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