April 11, 2018

Lucas Systems identifies its three keys to innovation

By DC Velocity Staff

Over the past several years, Lucas Systems has been working hard to expand out from its voice-directed warehouse applications to focus on what it calls "mobile work execution."

The mobile work execution software solutions focus on optimizing manual processes and giving supervisors new tools to view and manage associate performance, balance work-in-process, and adjust operations to changing needs. For example, the software may tell associates in real time what route to take to their next pick or how they are performing versus baseline performance. It might tell supervisors when there has been a slowdown in one part of the operation.

Taking this greater "mobile work execution" view, Chief Technology Officer Krishna Venkatasmy is using this week's Modex 2018 exposition as an opportunity to outline the company's three keys to innovation. They are:

1) Using mathematics-based optimization to help plan work,

2) Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to change that plan dynamically based on actual conditions on the warehouse floor, and

3) Delivering that information to operators on the floor through the customer's hardware of choice, whether that's rugged devices, headsets, or Android devices (and maybe in the near future, smartglasses).

For more information, visit www.lucasware.com.

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