April 10, 2018

TGW launches robotic arm for "each" picking

By DC Velocity Staff

Logistics solutions company TGW introduced the Rovolution robotic picker for eaches during Modex 2018. The labor-saving product is available as an add-on module to the company's FlashPick piece-picking solution and allows users to fully automate split-case picking using a robot.

The picker consists of a robotic arm with three suction cups at the end. The arm can delicately pick items from totes coming from TGW's FlashPick shuttle system and transfer them into outgoing totes headed to the loading dock. The arm is able to handle a wide variety of hard and soft goods, anything from a T-shirt to a box of drill bits.

Rovolution incorporates cognitive robotics and machine learning, allowing it to adapt to changes in business models and product mix. Customers using the FlashPick system can upgrade to Rovolution at any time due to its modular concept and design.

Rovolution can pick 900 items per hour, making it faster and more consistent than a human order picker.

"And it doesn't need to stop for a smoke break," said Andrew Lockhart, vice president of integrated system sales.

For more information, visit www.tgw-group.com.

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