April 6, 2016

Opex presents Perfect Pick

By DC Velocity Staff

Opex Corp. is highlighting its Perfect Pick order fulfillment system at Modex. Perfect Pick is a combination of high-density storage and goods-to-person picking stations that provides extremely accurate order filling and high productivity. At the heart of the system are small robots called iBOTs that move totes in and out of storage positions. Multiple iBOTs work in each aisle depending on throughput needs. The iBOTs transport the totes to pick stations located on either end (or both ends) of the aisle and ergonomically present them to workers for picking. A light shines into the compartment of the tote that contains the item to be picked. This allows totes to hold multiple SKUs (stock-keeping units). The items are then placed into staged order totes using put-to-light technology.

Perfect Pick is ideal for e-commerce operations that require intense piece picking, the company says. The system is also good for companies taking a first step into automation. Since the aisles, pick stations, and iBOTs are self-contained in the system, the solution is also faster to implement and much less costly than other goods-to-person automated systems. Perfect Pick is also a highly scalable solution. It can grow with a company simply by extending the aisles, placing pick stations at both ends of an aisle, putting more iBOTs within an aisle, or by adding more aisles.

For more information, see the Opex website.

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