April 6, 2016

It's a pallet! It's a dolly! No, it’s the Pally!

By DC Velocity Staff

Companies delivering to small-format stores can now leave their dollies or pallet jacks behind. The Pally from Orbis Corp. essentially acts as a small plastic pallet on wheels.

Snap in the metal handle, step on the brake pedal to engage the wheels, and you can roll your pallet of products right into the store. The Pally currently comes in two sizes: 800 mm by 600 mm (31.5 inches by 23.6 inches) and 1,000 mm by 600 mm (39.4 inches by 23.6 inches). The Pally now also includes popups on top of the pallet to hold totes in place.

The Pally is designed to interface with standard material handling equipment, including four-way fork trucks and two-way hand trucks.

For more information, see the Orbis website.

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