April 6, 2016

Cubic Designs showcases enhancements driven by demands of food and beverage sector

By DC Velocity Staff

Mezzanine manufacturer Cubic Designs Inc. has made several enhancements to its product line to meet the sanitary requirements of the food and beverage industry, which has become a growing part of its business.

Cubic Designs has introduced mezzanines composed of stainless steel, which can be wiped down easily and is less prone to rust and corrosion than the traditional carbon steel composition. The company has also developed rounded handrails, which will not allow bacteria to settle as would a rail that's configured in a square shape. In addition, Cubic Designs has developed a closed tube framing for its structures so bacteria cannot enter the space.

Cubic Designs showcased these enhancements at the biennial Modex show in Atlanta.

For more information, see the Cubic Designs website.

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