April 6, 2016

Ceiling fan maker MacroAir unveils LED lighting for industrial fan line

By DC Velocity Staff

Industrial and commercial ceiling fan manufacturer MacroAir has unveiled an LED light affixed below its high-volume, low-speed fans it said will reduce, if not eliminate, the annoying strobe effect from ceiling lights (created by ceiling lights shining through the fan's blades) and reduce the amount of energy and heat generated by traditional incandescent lighting.

The LED light will enable users to eliminate the ceiling lights above the fan, while providing more-than-ample illumination for the activity below, the company said. The LED light consumes about 10 percent of the electricity of the typical incandescent light and emits significantly less heat than traditional lighting, which helps cut its users' electric bills, the company said.

MacroAir specializes in the engineering and manufacture of "HVLS" fans, large ceiling fans that move a high volume of air at a low speed. The low speed delivers gentle air movement rather than disruptive wind, and circulates a high volume of air that effectively distributes airflow over a large area.

The LED light is available on the company's three "AirVolution-D" industrial fan models.

For more information, see the MacroAir website.

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