April 6, 2016

Apex rolls out locker management system for devices; smart-bin technology for inventory replenishment, control

By DC Velocity Staff

Apex Supply Chain Technologies has introduced a line of cloud-based locker systems to automate the management of handheld scanners, tablets, smartphones, and radio headsets, among other assets.

Using personalized codes or identification cards, the cloud-based system records the history of device check-out and check-in activity, and delivers actionable reports showing usage patterns and other data, the company said. The system notifies supervisors if a scanner is past due to be returned, when it's due for maintenance, and if the devices are being misused, the company said.

With the lockers in place, employees will be more accountable for their use of expensive handheld electronics, Apex said. The system eliminates lost time checking the assets out and in on each shift, as well as searching for missing devices, it added.

Separately, Apex launched "smart bin" technology to handle vendor-managed inventory, replacing manual counting, flags, labels, and cards. The technology sends alerts and re-order notifications to suppliers, which eliminates counting trips, safety stock, and emergency orders, the company said.

Apex's cloud-based network monitors the smart bin system to identify when items need restocking. At the same time, it tracks usage patterns through a reporting system. The smart bin system has sensors beneath the bins to alert companies when replenishment is needed. It can store and monitor any item that's traditionally stored in bins, the company said.

Apex CEO Kent Savage said the automated low-supply alerts can cut bin-stocking time and cost by 30 percent or more.

For more information, see the Apex website.

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