April 5, 2016

Wildeck debuts new family of tough guard rails

By DC Velocity Staff

Wildeck is now offering a line of guard rails that allow the customer to choose from three different levels of protection. The line expands on the company's longstanding Wilgard guard rail brand, which has been tested to withstand an impact from a 13,000 pound load traveling at 4 miles per hour.

The original Wilgard has been rebranded as Wilgard XT (extra tough). This is now marketed as the company's "gold standard" guard rail and is recommended for areas of the warehouse where forklift traffic is heavy and the potential for damage and injury can run high.

The XT product is now joined by Wilgard MT (medium toughness) and Wilgard LT (lighter toughness). The MT version conforms to the "industry standard" impact rating and has been tested to withstand an impact from a 10,000 pound load traveling at 4 miles per hour. Unlike the other two options, the LT version is not designed to stop a forklift truck. Instead it is meant for guarding personnel areas, work stations, and pedestrian walkways and costs less than the two other versions.

Wildeck announced the new family of guard rails at the Modex supply chain trade show in Atlanta this week. In addition to its other safety and mezzanine products, Wildeck was also showcasing offerings from its subsidiary Ladder Industries, including the new knock-down JiffyStair Modular Stair System. The Jiffy Stair ships unassembled on a standard pallet and can be reassembled on site.

For more information, see the Wildeck website.

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