April 5, 2016

Vanderlande unveils its Adapto shuttle

By DC Velocity Staff

Vanderlande is featuring its new Adapto shuttle at Modex. The new shuttle is used to ferry products from dense automated storage locations to goods-to-person picking stations for order fulfillment. The Adapto shuttle is not confined to operating in just one storage lane, but can change from one lane to another for added productivity and uptime. Using elevators, the shuttle can also easily change levels, so the shuttle can basically go anywhere within the automated storage system to retrieve any carton or tote. The system is scalable and can grow as needed by adding more storage and additional shuttles. Used in combination with the goods-to-person stations, picking rates of up to 1,000 picks per person per hour can be achieved. And the system is extremely accurate, as it automatically presents only one tote at a time to a worker for picking from and only one destination tote at a time for gathering the needed items.

For more information, see the Vanderlande website.

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