April 5, 2016

Rite-Hite dock door product counts down to safety

By DC Velocity Staff

A new LED sign from safety equipment company Rite-Hite provides a countdown showing workers how much time is left before a high-speed door opens or closes.

The LED countdown works in conjunction with the door's motion sensor. When the door is approached, an up arrow will signal that the door is about to open. Once the forklift or personnel pass through the door's threshold, a timer will count down. Numbers will appear in white lights until two seconds remain, when the number appears yellow. Once the red downward arrow appears, the door will shut until it is reactivated again.

The LED countdown timers are typically placed just outside of the door's frame, but they can be set up anywhere that promotes the easiest visual for forklift operators and personnel.

Rite-Hite was showcasing its countdown timers at the Modex show in Atlanta this week. The company was also highlighting its Virtual Vision solution, where an LED strip lights up red when an object or worker is on the other side of a door.

For more information, see the Rite-Hite website.

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